Jess Gruber
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hi there!

My name is Jess. I'm a yoga therapist, specializing in yoga therapy for women who are experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction.

Many women come to me experiencing pelvic pain, incontinence, breathing discomfort, and general unawareness of their pelvis. All of these pelvic issues are common. But that does not mean they are normal. 

We will work together to bring about a sense of attunement and harmony with your body and mind. Empowering you to move and be active in the ways you used to be or always dreamed of being. To love yourself so fully that from the inside out you feel purposeful and empowered to live your life the way you envision it.

If you are interested in my work with children, I teach children's yoga and mindfulness in schools and one-on-one; to learn more, head to Little Moon Children's Yoga

Yoga Therapy

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Together we will create a holistic healing plan that fits with your schedule, needs, and goals. Sessions can be held in your home, my home, or somewhere in between.

If this is your first time scheduling with me, before our first session we will chat via phone so that I can get an idea of what you are looking for and what your body needs.

Fill out the form below to tell Jess more about what you are looking for in yoga therapy and feel free to ask any questions.

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weekly classes

mon • 7:30p • honey flow • epic yoga dc

tues • 7:30a • EPIC Morning Flow • epic yoga dc

tues • 10:15a • baby + me • yoga heights dc

wed • 12:00p • Honey Flow 101 • German Embassy

wed • 6:00p • yin yoga • epic yoga dc

thurs • 1:00p • Honey Flow • International Finance Corporation

thurs • 6:30p • prenatal •yoga heights tkpk