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hi there!

My name is Jess. I'm a yoga therapist specializing in women’s health.

I work with women who are ready to move through deeper communication with their bodies. Many women are disconnected from their physical bodies, often due to a combination of societal pressures and expectations, traumas and losses, injuries, and stress.

Women come to my yoga therapy sessions who have experienced difficult labor and deliveries, who have devastatingly lost pregnancies and infants, who are having difficulties experiencing pleasurable intimacy with their partner/s, who have urinary incontinence and want to feel free to live life fully and without worry.

These may be common concerns. But that does not mean they are normal.

In cultivating muscular awareness, nervous system vitality, healthy breathing patterns, and engaging in internal self dialogue, we work together to guide you to vibrant and embodied health. So that you leave each session with a sense of attunement and harmony with your body and mind. Empowering you to move and be active in the ways you used to be or always dreamed of being. To love yourself so fully that you feel purposeful and empowered to live your life the way you envision it.

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P.S. If you are interested in my work with children, I teach children's yoga and mindfulness in schools and one-on-one; to learn more, head to Little Moon Children's Yoga.


Postpartum Yoga Therapy

for the Pelvic Floor

This four-part series is a crucial piece of holistic postpartum care centered around re-embodiment and re-connection to the pelvic floor through yoga. Participants will cultivate deeper awareness of their bodies, specifically their pelvic floor muscles through understanding their postural and breathing patterns, cultivating connection to their pelvis in movement, and utilizing breath and yoga postures to both strengthen muscles and release tension.

Each class includes an educational component, movement, breathwork, and meditation.

4 classes $40

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Class 1

Development of Pelvic Movement During Respiration

Participants will be able to understand pelvic floor engagement and release during respiration through movements, breath awareness, and somatic movements.

This 30 minute class consists of breath practices, movement, visualization, and a meditation.

Props: 1-2 blankets, 1-3 pillows or bolsters, 1-2 yoga blocks, 1 yoga strap

Class 2

The Synchronicity Between Abdominals and the Pelvic Floor

Participants will be to understand pelvic floor and abdominals function during movement.

Participants will practice stabilizing the pelvis and abdominals to facilitate and support movement.

Integrating breath as an aid in supporting movement.

Props: 1-2 blankets, 1 yoga block, a chair

Class 3

Pelvic Floor Stability for Support and Embodiment

Participants will utilize movement and breath to maintain and develop internal stability of the pelvic floor.

This practice will include meditation and movement that facilitates each participant to feel more supported by their bodies.

Props: 1-2 blankets and 1-2 pillows or bolsters

Class 4

Embodiment and Development of Internal Structural Support

Let’s pull it all together! This class will bring the previous three classes together:

  • Moving with respiration

  • Abdominal stability

  • Pelvic floor stability

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weekly classes

tues • 7:30a • epic morning flow • epic yoga dc

tues • 10:15a • baby + me • yoga heights dc

thurs • 6:45p • prenatal •yoga heights tkpk