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yogic tools for a vibrant, embodied life

Hi friends! My name is Jess and I’m a yoga therapist. I specialize in women’s health, in particular the pelvic floor - I’m one of the few pelvic floor yoga therapists in the DMV area! But I’m sure you’re wondering… What is yoga therapy?

These resources do an incredible job explaining yoga therapy and expressing the value of this work:

My yoga therapy sessions are unique in that I work with women who are experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction such as urinary incontinence, pelvic or labial pain, anal fissures, painful or uncomfortable intimacy, possibly resulting from: difficult labor and deliveries, loss of pregnancy or child, stress and anxiety, and/or disconnection from pelvic awareness.

Although these dysfunctions may be common, it does not mean they are normal.

Together we work to heal from the inside out by tapping into your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs through the utilization of yoga and somatic experiencing. You will cultivate muscular awareness, nervous system ease and vitality, dynamic and natural breathing patterns, and engage in healthy internal self dialogue that can guide you throughout your daily life.


Yoga Therapy Masters of Science from Maryland University of Integrative Health (2019)

Trauma-Informed Yoga Training from Yogamour (2018)

Yoga Anatomy and Therapeutics from Tranquil Space Yoga (2017)

The Science of Pranayama from Pranayama Sadhana (2017)

Prenatal Teaching Tune-up from Thrive Yoga (2017)

Pelvic Floor Teacher Training from Leslie Howard (2017)

The Pelvic Core Training from Tranquil Space Yoga (2016)

Prenatal Yoga Training from Tranquil Space Yoga (2016)

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance Certified Program (2012)

20 hour Yoga Teacher Training AAAI/ISMA (2011)