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yogic tools for a vibrant, embodied life

Hi friends! My name is Jess and I’m a yoga therapist. I specialize in women’s health, in particular reproductive health. Clients I work with include those who…

  • have awful PMS symptoms - bloating, cramping, and/or blood clots

  • are trying to conceive but are struggling

  • are experiencing pelvic pain, painful sex, or discomfort during sex

  • are trauma survivors

  • have experienced a pregnancy loss

  • are postpartum and looking to reconnect to their ‘new’ body

  • are prenatal and want to utilize yoga as a therapy

  • are experiencing urinary or fecal incontinence, constipation, lower back pain

  • are super stressed, or are experiencing anxiety and depression and find that traditional therapy either isn’t quite doing the trick or just isn’t a good fit

Okay so that’s great, but I’m sure you’re still wondering…

That’s awesome but, what is yoga therapy?

Yoga therapy is utilizing the tools of yoga (like… movement and postures, breath patterns, intention setting, meditations, mindfulness, etc.) to create an individualized protocol that is meant to guide the client into greater health and wellbeing. Some clients this looks like guided meditation. Other clients protocols are based around integrated abdominal exercises and active breathwork.

Basically, this isn’t your typical yoga class.

No fancy postures. No previous yoga experience needed. It’s simply about you coming into yourself a little lighter, a little more full, and a little more empowered.

If you want to read more, these resources do an incredible job explaining yoga therapy and expressing the value of this work:

So what do I do with my clients?

Together we work to heal from the inside out by tapping into your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs through the utilization of yogic tools and somatic experiencing. You will cultivate muscular awareness, nervous system ease and vitality, dynamic and natural breathing patterns, and engage in healthy internal self dialogue that can guide you throughout your daily life.

I prefer to see clients for 4 sessions so that they can begin to fold and weave these practices into their daily lives and feel the support of yoga therapy grow within themselves.

Each client is unique. Each day is unique. Each session is unique. All sessions are built to meet you where you are so that together we can guide you back to yourself.