Gentle Reset: Even Breathing

meditations + breathwork

Even Breaths : 2.5 minutes of breathing evenly throughout the belly and the chest. This is a good practice if you have a tendency to breathe more in the belly or more in the chest.

Bodies of Being: A Breathwork and Meditation

Bodies of Being : This 5 minute breathwork is designed to breathe freely sending prana (energy life force) through the different layers of your being. Checking in with each layer of your being to see how it feels and what it needs.

Strong Back. Soft Front. Wild Heart.

Strong Belly Breaths

Pelvic Floor 101

Breathe. Wide + Complete

Embodiment Practice

Strong Back. Soft Front. Wild Heart. : Inspired by the quote from Brene Brown, this 8.5 minute breathwork starts with guided breathing, then practicing the subtle art of noticing the breath body and how it influences and affects the heart space, ending with visualization and sensation awareness.

Strong Belly Breaths. : This (slightly energizing) breathwork is a great way to practice a more active exhale that encourages the gentle core engagement which helps to enforce diaphragmatic breathing. Postnatal women may find this breathwork to be helpful as they work on healing diastasis and rebuilding core strength. This engaged exhale is also useful as a way to maintain stability of the abdominal cavity so as to reinforce the ability of the pelvic floor to move naturally with breath.


Pelvic Floor 101: This 50 minute video lecture and practice is dedicated solely to all things pelvic floor! The first 19 minutes are lecture based, where you will explore the physiological functions of the pelvic floor as well as a little discussion on pelvic floor dysfunctions and how what conditions they are correlated with. The last 30 minutes is dedicated to a gentle practice of exploring the pelvic floor with breath and movement.

Props: blanket & a strap

Breathe. Wide and Complete Part 1 and Part 2: This audio recording is from a live class focused on movement and breathwork, it’s broken into 2 parts and is 53 minutes long. The gentle and somatic movement is meant to increase breath capacity through moving the muscles used in breathing and the breathwork allows for clearing, letting go, and creating balance.

Props: strap, blanket, & 1 or 2 pillows/bolsters.

Embodiment Part 1 and Part 2 This audio recording is from a live class focused on embodiment, it’s broken into 2 parts and is approximately 1 hour long. The slow movement is meant to cultivate a sense of embodiment and deeper connection to physical body.

Props: strap & blanket